Does Pollution Affect Indoor Air Quality?

Pollution is defined as “A substance with a harmful or poisonous effect present or introduced into the environment”.

Does outside air pollution effect your indoor air quality? The answer is YES! Studies have been done in high pollution cities such as Beijing. With the use of a particle counter to test the particle matter of the indoor air, it was very often found that the indoor air quality was worse than the outdoor air quality, in spite of keeping the windows closed! How could this be? This is likely due to the missing element of the natural cycle of Mother Nature to periodically wash away the pollutants. The role of air duct cleaning is to provide you with that cleansing opportunity, to scrub out the dirt and pollutants building up inside your indoor air system.

Red Flag Warning

Recent radio reports have announced that Governor Brown has issued a Red Flag Warning concerning the air quality. The pollutants in the air have not been washed away due to lack of rain because of the severe drought conditions. Added to this are the smoke, ash and pollutants in the air due to the recent fires in the San Gabriel Valley and elsewhere.

Reports are coming in from medical personnel that people are coming in thinking they have the flu, when actually it was particles getting trapped in the lungs causing cough and emphysema symptoms. They state that such particles lodged in the lungs could lead to heart attack.

The only air quality you can control is the indoor air that you breathe in your home or office!

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