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Los Angeles Video Camera Inspection of Residential Ducts

Precise Identification of Residential Duct Problems in LA

Your ductwork is responsible for circulating and distributing air throughout your home. With such an important job, your duct system needs proper maintenance to ensure optimal comfort and good indoor air. If you are noticing poor airflow from your AC or increased presence of dust and dirt in your home, enlist the help of Fresh Aire Duct Cleaning. We can provide you with a thorough inspection of the inside of your ducts to identify and resolve any issues with your ductwork right away. Using advanced video camera technology, our professionals can show you in real-time the problem areas within the duct system and propose trusted solutions. For years, our local company has been helping countless homeowners in Los Angeles with our video camera duct inspections. Let us help you as well.

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Advantages of Using Video Camera Technology

Before using a video camera for ductwork inspection, most professionals rely on noticeable signs such as poor airflow, dust and dirt buildup in the vents, rodent or insect droppings, and more. However, some of these signs tend to show up when the problem is already at its worst. With a video camera inspection, we can quickly identify and locate the problems in your ducts. Whether you have filthy ducts, leaks, poorly sealed registers and grills, or tears, rodent damage, our Los Angeles team can find out and then advise you on how to handle these issues.

Below are some of the benefits you can expect from our video camera technology:

  • Views if your ducts are dirty inside
  • Gives you a deeper look into your duct system; catching problems before they worsen
  • Saves time when identifying the problem in your ducts
  • Allows you to see for yourself the current condition of your ducts
  • Allows you to view areas of disconnection and poor connections
  • Provides a more accurate result

During the inspection process, our team will document problem areas that we see and provide you with a report, so you can make the ultimate decision regarding repairs or other solutions. Take a look at our Reviews left my customers if you want to learn more about what people think about us.

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