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Benefits of Dryer Vent Cleaning in LA

The National Fire Association states that 80% of house fires are caused by dryer lint catching fire. The problem lies in the fact that the dryer exhausts air and damp lint. The sticks to the inside of the exhaust and builds up. This lint is highly flammable. All it takes is a spark from the flame inside the dryer to set this lint on fire.

The LA dryer duct cleaning experts at Fresh Aire Duct Cleaning have seen this first hand. Homeowners may not realize the danger of allowing lint to build up inside their dryer system. Especially in a condominium setting, should disaster strike one homeowner, the fire can quickly spread to neighboring homeowners.

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Thanks to our professional Los Angeles dryer duct cleaning, the risk of lint fire is greatly reduced. Fresh Aire Duct Cleaning recommends cleaning your dryer’s lint filter after each load, but that is not enough. Our specialists use precise methods to scrub deep down the duct, removing all the inherent potential fire hazards of lint buildup inside your dryer exhaust duct system. Our goal is to offer you peace of mind by providing the best dryer duct cleaning Los Angeles has to offer. In this way, you can rest assured that the hazard of a dryer fire in your home is exponentially reduced.

Some services we provide during our dryer duct cleaning include:

  • Cleaning out all unwanted flammable lint buildup inside the duct
  • Restoring the smooth exhausting of air from your dryer duct
  • Faster drying times
  • Checking for improperly routed vinyl ducts or a duct run that could be a fire hazard
  • Video camera inspections available to view inside ductwork

With years of experience providing dryer vent cleaning in Los Angeles, our technicians vow to honor our company’s tradition of thorough, friendly, professional service. Contact us now!

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Our Dryer Vent Cleaning Process

In most cases, we begin by unhooking your dryer and cleaning the duct thoroughly from both the dryer hook up point and from the exit point, assuming both points are accessible. A deep cleaning down the length of the duct itself is performed by use of a variety of scrubbing tools, blowing and vacuuming.

Our goal is to eliminate any flammable particles preventing proper ventilation and help provide a clear airflow once again. Our Los Angeles dryer duct cleaning experts utilize a specialized air meter to measure the volume of airflow before and after the cleaning to verify the success of cleaning. The National Fire Association recommends annual dryer duct cleaning to prevent fires in the home. If you would like to hear from former customers, head over to our Reviews and find out what people appreciate about our services.

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