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3 Easy Hacks to Improve Indoor Air Quality

Maintaining clean indoor air quality doesn’t have to mean investing in pricey air purifiers. Here are three simple ways to breathe cleaner air today.

Change Filters Regularly

With everything you have to do, changing the filter in your central air unit is a duty that probably gets lost in the shuffle. Here’s how to remember to change your filter:

Set a reminder on your phone: Set a recurring event on your smartphone for the first day of the month. This will remind you to check your filter once a month to determine if it needs to be replaced. (Pro tip: Hold the filter up to a light. If you can’t see any light through the screen, it’s time to swap it out.)

Store a stack of filters where you’ll see them: You know the saying, out of sight out of mind. Don’t tuck your replacement filters away in a garage or attic where you’ll seldom see them. Instead, store them in a laundry room or other room you frequently visit to keep them top of mind.

Avoid Synthetic Fresheners

Many people use candles or air fresheners to make their houses smell good. However, these often contain chemicals that pollute your air. If you like the coziness of burning candles, make sure to use products that are made of soy or beeswax. Also, it is wise to use unscented cleaners and laundry detergent.

Open a Window

Homes today are made supremely airtight. While that helps with energy efficiency, your air quality will suffer. Without adequate ventilation odors, moisture, and common household contaminants will buildup with nowhere to go.

Throw your windows wide open for several minutes a day to exchange stale air for fresh.

Bottom line: There are many more ways to improve your home's indoor air quality so that you enjoy a safe and comfortable environment, including scheduling a professional duct cleaning. For more information, consult with the experts at Fresh Aire Direct Cleaning at (818) 275-5556.