Doctors Agree - Clear out Your Air Duct System!

Is your AC system making you sick?

“There is no doubt that forced air and cooling systems can become contaminated with fungi or bacteria which can induce allergies, asthma and flu-like illnesses.”

Dr. Charles Reed,
Oregon Medical School

And every time you turn on your system, you are blowing all these pathogens out into the air you breathe.

Routine cleaning of the air duct system is recommended by the American Lung Association who states:

” Viruses, bacteria and other small disease-causing organisms are common, even inevitable… in improperly maintained air ducts.”

“I do recommend to patients that they get their ductwork cleaned. Sometimes there is 10 years or more of dust and debris accumulated in a system. If you have allergies, it can make them worse.”

Dr. George J. Makol

“Some of my patients have had follow-up analysis after a thorough duct cleaning and have documented fewer allergens.”

Dr. Allen G. Peerless,
American College of Allergists,
Agoura Hills, CA

Air duct cleaning helps reduce allergic reactions.

You can alleviate wheezing, sneezing and other allergic reactions by professionally cleaning out your air ducts.