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Whether you own or manage a condominium, apartment complex, or hotel, nothing beats the convenience of a trash chute. However, trash chutes can also cause some problems when not properly maintained. Pest and insect infestation, unpleasant smells, and bacteria or mold growth are just some of the dangers of a dirty trash chute. Before any of these occur in your building, schedule a comprehensive trash chute cleaning with Fresh Aire Duct Cleaning right away. We provide deep cleaning of residential trash chutes regardless of the brand or model, so your Los Angeles building can remain clean and sanitary for all occupants.

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Importance of Regular Trash Chute Cleaning

While many trash chutes have their own built-in cleaning features, they are not enough to thoroughly clean the entire system. Trash bags that tumble down the chute often tear or break open, leaving an ugly mess along the way including grease, leftover food, dust, dirt, and more.

What are the benefits of regular trash chute cleaning in Los Angeles?

  • Removes foul odors in the air
  • Improves indoor air that may have been contaminated by harmful pathogens
  • Prevents pest, insect, or critter infestation
  • Extends the life of your trash chute
  • Prevents fire hazards that could be caused by grease

Our expert team recommends scheduling deep cleaning of your trash chutes twice a year, ideally once during the summer and another before the holidays.

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Our experienced crew will clean and sanitize to eliminate foul odors and other hazards caused by dirty chutes. At Fresh Aire Duct Cleaning, we use safe, environmentally-friendly chemical wash to soften the grease and other debris that are stuck on the chute’s walls. This is then followed by a pressure wash to completely scrub clean the chute. We also provide cleaning and degreasing of the hopper doors, the trash room and bin.

For more information or to schedule comprehensive trash chute cleaning in Los Angeles, call (818) 275-5556 today.

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