Why is Dryer Duct Cleaning Important?

As homeowners, it’s too easy to just buy an appliance and forget about it until something goes wrong.

But in the case of a dryer, maybe they should think twice. The dryer ducts need regular cleaning for a dryer to function as it should.

Before another load goes into the dryer, here are 3 no fluff reasons not to neglect dryer duct cleaning.

Lint Doesn’t Stay In the Basket

Each dryer comes equipped with a lint basket. This basket should be emptied after every 1-3 uses of the dryer depending on what was dried.

Towels, blankets, cat/dog beds, etc. often produce more lint.

Without the lint basket, lint would go directly into the ducts where they could become clogged.

Lint traps work very well but they’re not foolproof. The following can happen:

  • Some lint escapes naturally with each load
  • Homeowners forget to empty it sometimes increasing the amount that escapes
  • The homeowner could drop little scraps of lint into the duct as they are pulling the lint trap out

All of this lint adds up.

Fire Risk

Anyone who has used a dryer has experienced the intense heat when pulling clothes out.

The duct’s job is to release some of this heat to prevent the dryer from becoming too hot. When any appliance overheats it can cause a fire.

The lint that escapes the lint trap can cause the dryer to overheat.

FEMA reports 2900 dryers catch on fire each year. These fires are rarely contained to the laundry room. They often consume the kitchen, surrounding rooms, and even the entire home. Dryer fires cause $35 million in damage each year.

The #1 cause of these fires, per FEMA, is failure to get proper dryer ducting cleaning.

They recommend that dryer duct cleaning take place at a minimum once every six months. It should happen more often if one is aware of significant lint escaping the trap.

It Affects the Earth and the Wallet

Clogged dryer ducts can cost you a lot on a load by load basis.

A dryer with clean ducts:

  • Takes less time to dry clothes
  • Uses less electricity
  • Reduces environmental impact
  • Puts less strain on the dryer

Dryer duct cleaning very quickly pay for itself.

A homeowner will save about 30% on electricity for a 30-minute load versus a 45-minute load. If a homeowner dries even one load a day, that’s significant savings.

Less electricity means a smaller footprint on the world around us.

How To Determine One Needs Dryer Duct Cleaning

While it is advisable to follow FEMA’s guidelines, there are also some common signs to be on the look out for.

  1. A normal load on normal heat takes longer than 30-45 minutes to dry
  2. The dryer vent hood is stuck
  3. Presence of lint around the vent going outside
  4. Lots of excess lint collecting around the lint trap — in addition to in it
  5. A homeowner hasn’t cleaned the duct in more than a year — danger zone

Proper dryer duct maintenance can make a big difference in your safety, finances and the planet. Reach out to get a free estimate today.