7 Allergy Facts That Will Make You Get a Duct Cleaning

Poor air quality is bad for your health, something that most, if not all, of us know. Knowing this, we try our best to keep the air we breathe in our homes clean in order to keep our pesky allergies at bay.

Sadly enough, however, keeping our homes squeaky clean isn’t enough to prevent flare-ups. We must remember to get a ducting cleaning or two every so many years.

If you’re thinking you can get away with doing so, you’re dead wrong. Allergies may seem like a laughing matter when compared to more serious ailments, but if you really had the whole scoop on those sniffles and sneezes, you wouldn’t be laughing.

Think we’re bluffing? Here are 7 allergy facts that will have you running to get a duct cleaning.

The Air Inside of Your Home Is Very Polluted

Some of us probably think that the air inside of our homes is much cleaner than the air we breathe outside. After all, we’re in control of what goes in our homes. From our purifiers to our cleaning habits, we make every effort to keep our air clean.

Regardless of what we believe to be true, the simple fact is that the air inside of our homes is filthy. This makes sense if you think about it. Houses are little more than large boxes which we use to store all of our belongings.

And germs.

So how filthy are we talking? About five to ten more times filthier than the air outside. Talk about breathing in polluted air.

Your Mattress Is Home To Tons of Dust Mites

Surely many of you have heard of dust mites. They’re those tiny critters which call your mattress their home.

If this sounds at all gross, that’s probably because it is. But do you know what’s even grosser? The fact that most of us are sleeping with mites every night.

In truth, even the cleanest home will have a few dust mites. Homes that are poorly maintained, on the other hands, are sure to have more.

How many is “more”? Well, some homes can have anywhere between hundreds to thousands of dust mites. Feel like getting that duct cleaning yet?

About Twenty Million Americans Have Dust Mite Allergies

Maybe you’re not rattled by the presence of dust mites in your home. As they say, “different strokes for different folks.”

Even if you’re not rattled, though, you have to be at least tiny bit concerned about dust mite allergies.

As you may or many not know, dust mites sustain themselves by feeding the dead skin we leave behind. While they don’t bite, the skin they shed, along with their feces, can trigger allergies in humans.

So what, right? You’re not allergic to dust mites.

Okay. But what about your guests? Twenty million Americans have dust mite allergies, so the odds of you running into someone who has them aren’t terribly low.

That said, do your guests a favor and at least consider a duct cleaning.

Untreated Allergies Can Cause More Serious Problems

You might not have dust mite allergies, but we’re willing to bet that you either know someone who has allergies or have allergies yourself. They are, after all, rather common, something we’ll talk about later.

If you have allergies, you might think that you can get away with not doing much to combat them. Since they’re only seasonal, maybe you figure that you can endure them for a couple of the weeks out of the year.

You might even forgo duct cleaning and other maintenance as a result of this thinking.

Big mistake.

As it turns out, untreated allergies can pose serious threats. They may begin with stuffy noses and sneezing fits, but they can result in conditions such as asthma and bronchitis.

The accumulation of dust in your home is only going to worsen your allergies, thereby increasing your chances of developing these conditions. If you ask us, that’s a steep price to pay for apathy towards the dust in your home and your allergies.

Your Pets Can Make Your Allergies Worse

Who could live without precious little Spot and fearsome little Tigger? Pets are just such a joy to have around. They seem to shower us with so much undeserved affection.

And if it’s not affection, at least they know who feeds them.

In any case, the presence of your pets is sure to decrease your home’s air quality. Pets leave behind pet dander, which is composed of tiny bits of shed skin. This skin enters the air and settles into your carpet once shed.

Keeping a clean house is not enough to keep the dander at bay. You absolutely must get an air duct cleaning more frequently than people without pets if you want to reduce the amount of dander in your home.

If you don’t, that dander is just going to worsen your allergies. And, if we remember correctly, we already told you what would happen if you didn’t your allergies under control.

You Can Suddenly Develop Allergies

If you don’t have allergies now, we’re happy for you. Your luck could eventually, however, run out since some people suddenly develop allergies later in life.

This means that all of that dust in your ducts could suddenly become a problem as well, at which point you’ll no doubt wish that you’d just gotten them cleaned before those allergies hit you.

More Than Half Of All Americans Have At Least One Allergy

Perhaps you already have an allergy to something. More than half of all Americans do, after all, have at least one allergy.

Of course, there are tons of things to be allergic to, so there is no guarantee that you’re secretly allergic to pollen or shed dust mite skins. You could just end up with a slight allergy to bananas or something like that.

Which still sucks, but, hey, bananas aren’t the tastiest thing you could be forced to give up.

Get A Duct Cleaning Service

If we haven’t been direct enough with you here, we’ll spell it out for you: Get a duct cleaning. Pronto.

You might not want to spend the time or money, but doing so will undoubtedly promote health in your home and make your allergies more bearable.

Don’t have a regular duct cleaning company? Contact us to schedule a meeting or get a free estimate. Once you take your first breath after we’ve cleaned your ducts, you’ll know you made the right choice.