Smoke In the Air? Why You Need An Air Duct Cleaning Now

Studies show that indoor air has 70 times more pollutants than outdoor air.

The takeaway? You need to get a handle on your indoor air quality as quickly as possible. Cleaning your air ducts helps you to protect your air, so that you’re healthier every day inside of your home.

Especially if you live in a smoker’s home, you need to get your air ducts cleaned regularly.

To learn more about why air duct cleaning is key, read on and learn how to touch base with HVAC professionals.

The Advantage Of Home Air Duct Cleaning

Tobacco smoke expels countless pollutants and chemicals that can create or trigger chronic conditions. With a clean air duct system, you’ll filter out these pollutants so that everyone can breathe easily.

The problem with dirty indoor air is that it circulates upwards of seven times when you run your heating and cooling system.

On top of cleaner, smoke-free air, an air duct cleaning lowers your energy bills each month. Your home will be more energy-efficient, and you won’t have to deal with allergies, asthma, and other problems.

Know When It’s Time To Get Your Air Ducts Cleaned

It’s not enough to just clean your air ducts once. You need to do it regularly and recognize the signs that a cleaning is needed.

The most glaring sign that you need air duct cleaning is if mold is growing. When you have mold in your home, it’ll get circulated through your HVAC system. This can make everyone in the household sick.

You should also crack open your HVAC vents and take a look at your air ducts on your own. If you see that they’re clogged with gunk, they’re no longer serving you properly. They should be cleaned at once.

It’s also important to take note of your health. If you are dealing with a sudden cough, hacking or wheezing, cleaning your air ducts will help prevent these issues from getting worse.

Heeding these signs will help you get your air ducts cleaned as quickly as possible.

Bring In An HVAC Company That Handles Duct Cleaning

When you know duct cleaning is needed, it’s crucial that you reach out to qualified HVAC technicians.

Make sure that these professionals tackle duct cleaning. Also ensure you get a price estimate to see how much you’ll pay. Professional duct service can cost about $200 on the low end and $900 on the high end.

You might be able to use your homeowner’s insurance policy to pay for, or at least offset some of this price tag.

Be sure that the HVAC company shows you their license when they show up to work. Get some referrals to hire the highest quality and most committed HVAC contractors that you can find in your local city.

Now that you see the importance of getting your ducts cleaned, give us a call or fill out our contact form to get the best service around.