You Might Be Scared to Know What's in Your Air Ducts!

Have you ever looked to see what’s inside your air ducts? YIKES!!Animals found in air ducts

Could dead scary critters actually be in your air ducts? Could this creepy stuff be in the air you breathe? Without regular HVAC duct cleaning, you bet!

If you’re not cleaning out your heating and air duct system with regular HVAC duct cleaning, boy can it get scary in there!

Germs, bacteria, dust mites, allergens, dust, debris…yes, and even rats and rodents…need we elaborate more? And then every time you turn on your system, all of this unhealthy air blows out and you get to breathe it in!

Actual creepy critters found during air duct cleaning by Fresh Aire!

Fresh Aire Duct Cleaning has the solution to all the creepy stuff that builds up inside your ducts…clean it out professionally with our award-winning HVAC cleaning in Los Angeles!

We will calm your fears, help you breathe fresh and clean air once again.

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Diane, Shawnna and Stephanie