Why Duct Cleaning

We live in a time when people are a lot more aware of health issues. Following healthy diets, preventing health hazards are becoming more and more common. One important factor that we often don’t consider is the air we breathe.

By recent survey Americans spend an average of 90% of their time indoor (and if you live in the Los Angeles area the rest of the time is spent in your car in traffic), that means that 90% of the air we breathe travels though air ducts over and over.

Through use ducts accumulate dust, pollen and dirt. Once the air conditioning is running they also get moist. Over time, when dirt and dust is kept moist bacteria and mold can also develop.

Air circulating through your system the will then carry along these particles of germs, bacteria and pollen, bringing them back into your work or living environment.

In some cases even rodents can reside in ducts causing a health hazard.

What does duct cleaning do?

Duct cleaning, correctly done, removes dirt, dust and other particles restoring to your air ducts clean, healthy air passages once again.

In addition to eliminating factors in your air ducts that could cause or worsen allergies, asthma and respiratory illnesses; duct cleaning can also improve air circulation.